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How to remove a cooler from a processor


Cooler with small screws</a>

The cooling system in the personal computer plays a big role, because Components of computers, without cooling, quickly lose their efficiency, failing.

How to ensure stable operation of the processor, how to remove the cooler from the processor, so as not to damage it?

You will need

  • First of all, you will need to know the basics of the computer: how to disconnect the system unit and remove the side cover. And also to arm with a screwdriver of the necessary sizes.



At the moment there are several typesFans used in cooling systems. The most common of them are removed / put on in 3 ways, i.e. The cooler is fixed to the radiator in various ways:
- with the help of small screws-

- with the aid of a latch-

- with the help of additional grooves for retention.
Let's consider in more detail all ways of extracting the cooler from the radiator.


A little help: The cooler is a fan, it is attached to the radiator. In turn, the radiator is adjacent to the platform on which the processor is attached. The cooler serves to cool the heat of the processor stone during operation.
Attention! Before removing the cooler, it is necessary to de-energize the system unit by shutting down the computer, leaving the system and unplugging the power cord from the outlet. You can also use the power switch, which is on the back of the power supply (not all models of the power supply). After you remove the side cover of the system unit, disconnect the cooler power cable from the connector on the motherboard.


So, the most common way to fasten the cooler? With the help of small screws. Here everything is quite simple: take a suitable size screwdriver, twist the small screws and cooler on the loose.

When our cooler has a connection in the form of a latch (lever), it is necessary to press this latch and, without pressing, to take the lever to the outside of the processor side.
When securing the latch (lever) and additional slots, it will be necessary to press the slots to release the cooler from the fan connector.

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