How to rent a car in Moscow

How to rent a car in Moscow</a>

In Moscow, as in any other city, beforeHow to sell, donate or dispose of a car, you need to remove it from the account in the inter-district department of technical inspection of transport and registration and examination work (MOTOTRER).

The procedure for de-registration in Moscow includes compulsory execution of several simple actions.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - passport of technical means-
  • - certificate of registration of the vehicle-
  • - Power of attorney for using the car, notarized.



Go to MOTOTRER. Compose or fill out an application stating that you want to take the car off the register. Use the sample application, which is probably posted in the traffic police at the information stand.


Go to the initial collection window and hand in the written application, passport, passport of technical means and power of attorney for using the car, if you do not own it.


Wait until your documents are checked and processed.


Obtain documents and a receipt for payment of the state fee for the removal of the car from the register. The state fee is about 200 rubles.


Pay the state fee and go to the site to inspect the hardware.


Complete the inspection of your car. After inspecting the car, the inspector will leave a note on your application.


Remove the car numbers and go to the registration window. Hand over the numbers and documents. Wait until they are processed.


Get the passport of the technical means with the changes and transit numbers.

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