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How to remove the encumbrance mortgage quickly

How to remove the encumbrance mortgage quickly

Buying an apartment on the mortgage, we should not forget,that after the completion of payments for obligations need to undergo the procedure of removal of encumbrances on the mortgage, otherwise you will not have full property rights on your property.

Encumbrance on mortgages - a special procedure,provided for by the credit agreement. The Bank limits the borrower's property rights to the property until completion of payments: apartment, burdened with a mortgage, will not sell, you can not donate or bequeath. As long as the mortgage is not paid, the landlord left the bank.

After full repayment of the loan on an apartment you need to remove the encumbrance on the mortgage to become her

a full-fledged owner. Despite the fact that all the organizations and banks in particular, have their own base of borrowers data required to personally appear in the Territorial Office of the Russian State Register, a statement of withdrawal from your mortgage encumbrance. Write a statement to be within 15 days after the full repayment of the loan.

The application for withdrawal of mortgage encumbrances must be applied:

  • - Statement by an individual amending EGRPNI in connection with the removal of restrictions on the right to sell and dareniya-
  • - The bank - the pledgor also be required to present a certificate of payment of your mortgage loan, certified by signature and official seal of the credit organization
  • - Copy of the passport and tax ID number.

Blank forms can be found on the official website of the Russian State Register.

The official procedure for the removal of encumbrancesmortgage and amending the property rights registry last month, but after that you will be able to become a full owner of your property, purchased on the mortgage loan. To shorten this period, you must first get acquainted with the procedure of removal of encumbrances on the mortgage, without waiting for the final payment of the loan, to prepare all the necessary documents and immediately contact the organization Rosreestra. Location of the local offices also need to know in advance and to consult with experts, perhaps there are any nuances.

In any case, before taking a loan to buy real estate, you should thoroughly examine the legislation and read all documents carefully, by which you subscribe.

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