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How to remove the bumper to Skoda

How to remove the bumper to Skoda

In the life of virtually every motorist often get into trouble of various kinds.

For example, an unscrupulous driver scratched bumper in the parking lot and drove off, leaving their contact information.

Visit the service center - is expensive, so it is best to do himself repairs.

But how to remove the bumper?



First, we should take care about the place where you will dismantle bumper. Considering that it is necessary to creep under the frontpart of the car, it is better to find a flyover. Also quite suitable hole in the garage. Put the vehicle in neutral speed and apply the parking brake. Now you need to put under the front spar and a jack to lift the car. This is necessary in order to gain access to the anchorages bumperand which is at the side of the wheel arches. It is best to use two jack at once, then do not have to lower and raise each side.


Open the hood and remove the negative terminal frombattery. Wash the wheelhouse as attachment can be hidden under a thick layer of mud. If next to the garage there is a sink, you can rinse the arch in front of a stop in a garage. If the sink is at a great distance from the place where you plan to shoot bumper, The meaning to wash the car there. After cleaning, get the position of the brackets bumpera. It may be screws, self-tapping screws or bolts. Carefully unscrew them. If bumper fixed with screws, it is necessary to very gently and slowly to twist them to prevent damage to the socket into which they are driven.


Now find the wires leading to the fog lamps. Remove the clips. Sami fog is usually attached to the bumpery, and therefore there is no need to remove. If the fog lights are attached to the bumperand in the beam, which is held bumper, They should be removed. Open plugs is best to shut down anything that is not clogged dirt in them. Loosen all the bolts that connect the bumper and protection of housing. Grasp bumper at both ends and slightly pull it toward you, so that he came out of the main fixtures. Now, disconnect the electrical wires and the hoses going to the Headlights. After that bumper You can be completely removed. Keep it should be symmetrical, otherwise it may break. Installation is in the reverse order.

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