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How to remove a bumper on Skoda


How to remove a bumper on Skoda</a>

In the life of virtually every motorist, troubles of various kinds often occur.

For example, an unscrupulous driver scratched the bumper in the parking lot and left without leaving his contact information.

Visiting a car-care center is a costly business, so it's better to repair yourself.

But how to remove the bumper?



First you should take care of the place where you will be dismantling bumper. Given that you have to climb under the frontPart of the car, it is better to find a flyover. Also quite suitable pit in the garage. Set the vehicle at neutral speed and apply the parking brake. Now you need to put a jack under the front spar and lift the car. This is necessary in order to gain access to attachments bumperA, which are located on the wheel arch side. It is best to use two jacks at once, then you will not have to lower and lift each side.


Open the bonnet and remove the negative terminal from theBattery. Wash the wheel arch, since the mounts can be hidden under a thick layer of dirt. If there is a sink next to the garage, you can wash the arches before driving into the garage. If the sink is at a sufficiently large distance from the place where you plan to shoot bumper, Then there is no sense to wash the car. After cleaning, find the location of the fasteners bumpera. It can be screws, screws or bolts. Carefully twist them. If bumper It is necessary very smoothly and slowly to turn them out, so as not to damage the nests into which they are driven.


Now find the wires going to the fog lights. Unclip the clips. The fog-ones themselves are usually attached to bumperY, so there is no need to shoot. If the fog-lights are attached to the bumperY and the beam on which the bumper, Then they need to be dismantled. Open the plugs best to close anything, so that they do not clog dirt. Remove all bolts that connect bumper And crankcase protection. Grasp the bumper From both ends and pull a little to yourself, so that it comes out of the main anchorages. Now disconnect the electrical wires and hoses that go to the headlight washers. After that bumper Can be completely removed. Keep it symmetrically, otherwise it can break. Installation is in the reverse order.

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