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How to remove the brush

How to remove the brush

In the operation of the car VAZ 2112 brush cleaner rear window wears out much more intense the front wipers.

There is nothing unusual in such deterioration does not exist.

Because all the sand and dirt inincluding particles and lubricants that are raised from the surface of the pavement cars wheels, during precipitation, deposited mainly in the rear of the vehicle, due to the aerodynamic properties of the car body.

You will need

  • The key to the ignition.



Worn wiper stops gumdeal with the functions assigned to it, whereby the rear window is cleaned insufficiently adhered to it from dirt particles, resulting in a certain percentage of discomfort while driving in bad weather, and also reduces the level of safety of driving because of the limited viewing.


It would seem that could be easier than to remove the brush and replace it elastic inserts, but such a procedure baffled many car owners.


Although her mount identical brush mountingfront windshield wiper, for dismantling the rear of the brush should be considered a feature. It is removed from its regular place only when the brush holder is angled approximately 45 degrees relative to the horizon.


It is necessary in advance to enable the rear window wiper drive, and then, turning on and off the ignition by turning the key in the ignition, set the brush in the desired position.


Then it is removed quickly and easily, simply by pressing the release latch underneath.

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