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How to remove the breeches on the hips


It's hard to get rid of the riding breeches on the hips, but it's worth it.</a>

Halifeh on the hips? This is the problem of many women, not necessarily having excess weight. Any owner of? Ears? On the hips tends to get rid of them.

If you decide to act, then draw up a plan based on our recommendations.



The very first condition for a successful fight with?Ears? - this is a properly composed diet. Completely refrain from the use of easily digestible carbohydrates, which are in huge quantities in your favorite cakes, cakes, sweets, chocolate. Animal fats are also desirable to limit, so that fat, carefully brought by grandfather from the village, give it back. Let your diet contain more fruits, vegetables, and protein products. Do not completely refuse carbohydrates? Cook yourself cereal, as cereals contain complex carbohydrates. It is advisable to pass the examination and consult with a dietitian who will make an effective diet for you.


The second condition? This is a regular exercise. Basic exercises for you? These are the ones that work the muscles of the outer side of the thigh. After all, the fat that forms the riding breeches is deposited just on the wide muscle located in this place. Basic exercises? It's a "bike," legs and legs, jumps, "scissors." Combining and modifying these exercises, you can effectively work out the wide thigh muscle.
Begin to practice gradually for 15 minutes inDay, gradually increasing the time. In addition, you can perform some of them in the process of walking, or sitting on a chair, for example in the office, doing your job. This simple squeezing and unclenching the gluteal muscles, the tension of the thighs when walking uphill. Work on your hips all the time. To exercise do not bother, and the muscles are not used to them, alternate them.


And in conclusion you can not fail to mention the massage. Regular grinding of the problem area with essential oils of grapefruit, orange or other anti-cellulite drugs will speed up the information of these ugly? Ears? From the hips.

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