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How to remove his breeches on hips

Get rid of breeches on his hips hard, but worth it

Breeches on the hips? this is a problem many women do not necessarily have the extra weight. Any winner? Tabs? on the hips tends to get rid of them.

If you decide to act, then make a plan, based on our recommendations.



The very first condition for a successful fight against?ears? - A well-formed diet. Eliminate the use of easily digestible carbohydrates, which are in large numbers in their favorite cakes, cake, candy, chocolate. Animal fats also desirable to limit, so that the fat carefully grandfather brought from the village, give it back. Let your diet be more fruits, vegetables, protein foods. From carbohydrates are not completely give up? cook porridge itself as cereals contain complex carbohydrates. It is advisable to get tested and to consult with a nutritionist, who will make an effective diet for you.


The second condition? is regular exercise. Basic exercises for you? those who are working on the outside of the thigh muscles. After the fat is deposited forming breeches is a broad muscle located in this place. Basic exercises? this "bicycle", kick their feet, jumping, "scissors". By combining and modifying these exercises, you will be able to effectively work through a wide thigh muscle.
Start watching and gradually to 15 minutesday, gradually increasing the time. In addition, you can perform some of them are in the process of walking, or sitting on a chair, for example in the office, doing their job. This simple compression and unclamping gluteus, hips voltage when walking uphill. Work on your hips permanently. To exercise did not bother, and the muscles do not get used to them, rotate them.


And finally, not to mention the massage. Regular rubbing problem area with essential oils of grapefruit, orange or other anti-cellulite means to speed up these ugly details? Tabs? hips.

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