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How to remove the blocking banner

How to remove the blocking banner

Computer viruses have become plague twenty-first century.

Some of them do not cause any harm to your computer, while others only slow down his work, without causing serious damage.

But there are viruses, called banners. They are able to completely block access to the operating system.

And not all antivirus programs are able to prevent the penetration of viruses into your PC.

You will need

  • Windows installation disc
  • access to the Internet



There are several ways to unlock the computer,infected banner. If you have installed Windows XP operating system, you will have to pick up the unlock code. They can be found on the official websites of manufacturers of antivirus Dr.Web and Kaspersky. Type in a special window banner text, and you get to the code to remove it. If the code is not able to pick up, then you need to reinstall the operating system.

How to remove the blocking banner


If your computer or laptop is installedWindows 7 operating system, and available installation disc, then it's much easier. Insert the disc into the drive, the BIOS set the boot priority from the drive. Start the installation of Windows 7. In the third window, scroll to "Advanced Settings" and run it. Select "Startup Repair." This function clears the boot operating system files, deleting all unnecessary programs.

How to remove the blocking banner


You should understand that by accessing theoperating system, you do not remove the virus. In this regard, once you have started your computer and In Windows, immediately scan all your local drives antivirus software.

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