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How to remove the terminals from the battery

How to remove the terminals from the battery

During the reconditioningelectrical or other systems of the engine, for example - the fuel, it is always recommended to disconnect the onboard network of the machine and disconnect the terminals from the battery.

Compliance with these safety precautions will help keep the car and garage premises from fire.

You will need

  • -gaechny key 10 mm.



Recommendations for electrical disconnection from the power supply are dictated by the security measures and are based on many years of sad experience, and ignore them in practice in any case impossible.


In addition to being shortedwiring leads to a failure of the electronic control units of the engine, it can lead to a vehicle fire. Use extreme caution is especially necessary in the repair of the fuel system. The occurrence of any spark at the moment able to deprive the motorist not only cars, but also a garage.


In connection with the foregoing, the preparatoryphase for the refurbishment of the car he lifted the hood, with the battery cover removed and a 10 mm wrench tighten the bolt is released at terminal "minus".


In cases where the battery provides for the recovery of the nest, and then also disconnected the cable from the terminals "Plus", and then release the battery from the holder, it is removed from the engine compartment.

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