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How to remove a banner from the Internet


How to remove a banner from the Internet</a>

You can remove (or block) a banner from the browser in several ways.

It all depends on the banner itself.

Perhaps it is caused by the site on which you are located, and perhaps it is a virus from which it is necessary to get rid urgently.



The simplest way to get rid of bannerBut random, there are a lot of them on mass websites. Usually the reason for the appearance of this bannerBut in the fact that the old software is installedProvision for work on the Internet. The most common cause is the browser. The fact is that the "standard" Internet Explorer included in Windows XP does not cope with the blocking of such a context at all. Therefore, the solution is to install the Internet Explorer update. If this does not solve the problem, then you need to install a different browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera). In the settings, you need to add a separate item "block pop-up windows."


If the standard update does not help, then similar bannerYou need to block manually using special software. For the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can download an add-on called Adblock Plus (under the link http://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/adblock-plus). This utility allows you to block any interfering banner Caused by the site. For other browsers, you need to search in add-ons for similar blockers bannerS.


Sometimes banner Appears with the help of a virus or otherMalicious software. To remedy this situation, it is necessary to conduct a full scan of the computer for viruses, and an effective means of protection. In this regard, the choice is quite wide: you can use a paid antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security or free CureIt. Even after such a verification, the problem with bannerOhm does not disappear, then you need to go to the address: The disk on which the operating system is installed - Windows - System32 - Drivers - Etc. There should be a file called "hosts". It must be uninstalled and then restarted. Then the problem should disappear.

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