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How to remove the arrest from property

property seizure

The arrest may be imposed on the property onlyDuring the case and the execution of a court order, after which the debtor can not sell or mortgage property. If it is a car, the debtor has the right to travel on it abroad.

Once the deal is closed, the debtor has to withdraw the arrest of their own, because apart from him to do so, no one can.

You will need

  • The requirement for the withdrawal of the arrest, the court's decision



After all the turmoil that made the court decision,It is to remove the arrest from the property. First, we should go to court, where the case and submit a request to lift the seizure on the name of the judge who dealt with this issue. The judge scheduled a hearing on a particular date, the requirement will be considered regardless of whether or not to attend the rest of the case. After reviewing the requirements imposed judicial determination on the abolition of arrest. If the rest of the cases do not agree with the court decision, they may appeal to the Court of Appeal. After the decision of the court issued a writ of execution to remove the arrest and transferred to the district executive service.


If after consideration of the judge demandsdecided not to remove the arrest from property, apply the requirements in the higher courts is useless. Rather, the debtor has not met all of the requirements of security measures. If the arrest was effected in the course of criminal proceedings by the investigator or the court for the enforcement of the sentence, revoke this decision can body which is currently considering the case.


If the debtor has no other means todebt repayment, his property according to the inventory will be implemented within two months. For tendering, there are specialized organizations. Often, all property is sold at auction for very low prices, it would be more profitable to sell their own part of the property to pay off debts. In this case, the debtor has a better chance of quickly pay off debts in full, and not to pay life.

The court's decision to lift the arrest of property

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