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How to remove the application from your smartphone

How to remove the application from your smartphone

An operation is the removal of the installed application on smartphones do not require deep knowledge of operating system and OS hacking skills.

The procedure can be performed as the standard tools of the system, and specialized third-party programs.



Open the device's main menu and go to the "Settings" to initiate the operation of removal of the installed application from your smartphone system.


Select the item "Applications" and expand the item "Application Manager" ( "Manage applications" for smartphones running on the Android platform).


Select the application to be removed and click "Options."


Enter the command "Delete" and press "Select".


Confirm the command by pressing the "Yes" in the opened query window and wait for the system message on the successful completion of the operation.

(The downside of this method is to display a menu of all applications, including pre-installed, which can not be removed).


Use the file manager ESTrongs FileExplorer or ASTRO File Manager to perform the operation remove the installed applications. Most of the applications controls a specialized removal tool, included in the program menu. Displaying preinstalled applications are not fulfilled.


Select specific programs or remove AppInstaller Uninstaller application that can display the user of the application only installed and perform cleanup with a single click.


Go to the tab "My Apps"for storing programs that are installed from Android-market, for the removal of selected applications with standard tools (for devices running on the Android platform).


Use full access to opportunitiessystem resources, providing the right to Root, to access the file / system, comprising a standard application for the removal of pre-installed software using Root Explorer.


Find files by remote applications, and remove them.

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