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How to remove air from the cooling system


How to remove air from the cooling system</a>

Air in the cooling system can causeMany faults. In particular, because of a small airlock, the car's stove will not work or it will not work at all, and in the worst case, the engine will constantly overheat.

However, to get rid of such misfortune as the air in the cooling system can be simple household methods, having only half an hour of free time and basic adaptations.

You will need

  • - coolant
  • - a small hillock or pair of jacks
  • - Assistant



Make sure the cooling system is tight. Obviously, the air in it can not appear just like this: this is either a consequence of the fact that the cooling fluid was replaced when you replaced it not according to the rules of the operation of your car, or a sure sign that there was a gap in the system through which the cooling liquid flows out, giving way to air .

To begin with it is worth checking whether it is tight enoughThe drain plug of the cooling system is screwed. If it's all right, you should carefully inspect the body of the surge tank and look for cracks in the plastic. The next weak link is actually the hoses that unite the whole cooling system: the rubber could crack and crack with excessively long operation or its aggressive conditions.

In the worst case, you may find that air enters the system due to the fact that the radiator or the cylinder head gasket has become loose.

When you are convinced that the system is hermetic, and your works will not be wasted, start to work.


Raise the front of the car. You can try to safely park its front wheels on any elevation, or lift the front of the car with a pair of jacks. This is necessary to ensure that the air vent screw located on the radiator is the highest point of the cooling system, and the air is free to go there.


Open the interior heater cock. In order to do this, you just need to put the stove control knobs to the extreme position, as if you wanted to warm up the interior. Also set the intensity of the blowing, if your stove model provides this, in the middle position.


Unscrew the cap of the expansion tank and unscrew the screw to remove air from the cooling system.


Start the engine and allow the car to idle for a while until the engine warms up, and the thermostat and engine speed will not reach operating values.


Ask your assistant to sit behind the wheel of yourCar. In order to get rid of the unwanted air in the cooling system, it is necessary several times to periodically press the accelerator pedal and increase the engine speed, allow the coolant to ply throughout the system. In the meantime, you will add the liquid that flows out of the system into the surge tank and see if the air bubbles have disappeared from it.

Also ask your partner to watchThe operation of the stove: if after several strokes of the gas pedal at idle speed it starts to perform its functions stably, that is, to apply hot air to the salon, consider that your mission is completed.


Replace the air bleed screw and let the vehicle idle for a few minutes at idling speed.


Fill the coolant in the expansion tank to its maximum level, and then close the lid tightly.


Let the car run for another minute. Make sure that all covers and plugs are tightly tightened, and muffle the engine.

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