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How to remove the air from the cooling system

How to remove the air from the cooling system

The air in the cooling system may causemany faults. In particular, because of the small air pocket is bad work or will not work at all stove vehicle, and in the worst case, the engine will continue to overheat.

However, to get rid of the scourge of the air in the cooling system can be simple everyday ways, with only half an hour of free time, and basic tools.

You will need

  • - coolant
  • - A small hill or a pair of jacks
  • - assistant



Make sure that the cooling system is pressurized. It is obvious that the air in it can not come just like that: it is a consequence of the fact that the coolant when replacing filled not by the rules of your use of the vehicle, or a sure sign that the system appeared tear through which the coolant flows, giving way to the air .

To get started is to check whether tight enoughtwisted neck drain the cooling system. If it's all right, should carefully examine the body of the expansion tank and look for cracks in the plastic. The next weakest link - the actual hoses, combining all of the cooling system: rubber can crack from dryness and covered with cracks from excessively long operation or aggressive conditions.

In the worst case, you may find that the air gets into the system due to the fact that the radiator is worn out or cylinder head gasket.

When you are sure that the system is tight, and your work will not be wasted in vain, start to work.


Lift the front of the vehicle. You can try it safely park the front wheels on any hill or lift the front of the car with the help of a pair of jacks. This must be done in order to screw the vent located on the radiator, became the highest point of the cooling system and the air coming out it is free to go.


Open interior heater valve. To do this, you just need to put the oven control knobs to the extreme position, as if you want to warm interior. Set the intensity of blowing, if your model stove is provided in the middle position.


Remove the expansion tank cap and unscrew the screw to remove the air from the cooling system.


Start the engine and let the car while at idle, as long as the engine is not warmed up and the thermostat performance and engine speed is reached working variables.


Ask your assistant to drive yourcar. In order to get rid of unwanted air into the cooling system, it is necessary several times periodically pressing the gas pedal and the engine speed increasing, let the coolant run on the system. In the meantime, you will top up the expansion tank of the liquid flowing out of the system, and to monitor whether it disappeared from air bubbles.

Also ask your partner to watchthe work of the stove: if after a few taps on the gas pedal at idle it will start to consistently perform its function, that is, feeding hot air into the cabin, consider your mission accomplished.


Tighten the screw to remove the air and allow the car to work in a quiet mode to idle for a few minutes.


Fill coolant expansion tank to the level it has reached its maximum, and then close the reservoir cap.


Operate the vehicle for another minute. Make sure that all caps and lids are tight, and stop the engine.

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