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How to remove the adhesive from the tiles

How to remove the adhesive from the tiles

After the repair is always a lot of construction debris, dirt and dust. On the tile is the dried glue, paint and many other unpleasant details.

While the glue is dry, it can be removed very easily, but then it gives a lot more time-consuming and rather work.

You will need

  • - putty knife-
  • - Hydrochloric acid solution or solvent for the adhesive.



After the adhesive mortar dries,ceramic tile is not clean with a damp cloth, and now come in handy spatula. Treat each tile individually, gradually passing from one to another. First, wet cloth rag wet tile and rub well in those places where he stayed the dried glue. At this time, the adhesive structure is disturbed, and soak it becomes more pliable. Then carefully scrape off his trowel, passing each tile centimeter by centimeter


In severe cases, a trowel will not help. If left too much glue can be purchased at hardware store solvent and glue them to clean up all the trouble spots. This solvent contains acids in which not only successfully cleared glue and the dried cement, salt and grout.


If the farm has the usual 2-3% solutionhydrochloric acid, it can also be quite successfully remove the remaining glue. However, the tiles can not be poured hydrochloric acid, just a little soak a cloth, wipe the contaminated sites and then wash your face with plain water. If you overdo it, can damage the joints, the grout is dissolved.


If the dried glue on the surface of the leftquite a bit, try to remove it by mechanical means. Large pieces gently pull out the spatula and wipe stains close-grained dry sponge or a brush with soft bristles, fit and soft sandpaper.


On sale there are special grater for treatment of adhesive and grout residues. During the dry cleaning grater keep at a right angle to the surface tiles. Rasp drive only diagonally, asotherwise you may damage the joints. After that, a washcloth moistened with water, wipe each tile in a circular motion. Once the water evaporates, the tiles, wipe with a dry cloth.


To such problems did not arise, try to remove the glue immediately after installation tiles. Furthermore, all the tools are clean. Wash them just before you start, and tile styled only rubber gloves, because hand skin should not come in contact with the glue, cement, grout and other building materials.

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