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How to remove sunlight glare


How to remove sunlight glare</a>

Imagine that you got out on a great sunny day with your friends on the nature.

To this memory has not died out over the years, you need to capture it in the photo. But after all, bad luck, the photo suffered from sunlight glare.

It's okay, this petty trouble can easily be corrected with the help of all your favorite Photoshop programs.

How to do it, read on.

You will need

  • Photoshop



Reset the photo from the flash drive of your camera to your computer to eliminate sun glare in the photo. Launch Adobe Photoshop.


Through it, open the photo you want to edit. Then create a new layer. On the toolbar, find Eye Dropper. This is a tool depicted in the form of a pipette.


If you want to correct a person by removing the sunlight on it, select the area of ​​skin whose color you think is optimal, and click on it with the eyedropper.


Note that you need to choose a shade that is something middle between the darkest and lightest version of it. After you have chosen, the specified color will be automatically detected in the palette.


Select a small brush on the toolbar and paint all the highlights on the image. It should be painted on a new layer. Please note that after this, the photo will lose its naturalness.


To fix this, apply the function"Blending of layers". To do this, make a copy of the original layer (the Duplicate layer command). Then place a copy between the new and original layer. In the Blending Mode row, change the layer blending mode to Color.


Take the Burn tool on the toolbarTools to remove sunlight glare. Set the brush hardness to 0. In the Range and Exposure sections, set the Highlights and 10%, respectively.


Brush over the lighted fragments of the photo. This will help smooth out the unevenness of the color, and will also make it more even. On the toolbar, take the Blur tool. With this tool, blur the individual sections of the photo.


Mold the edges of the painted spots so that they do not stand out. Then change the transparency of the middle layer (a copy of the main layer), assigning it a value of 50%

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