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How to remove stretch marks at home


How to remove stretch marks at home</a>

Stretch marks do not give their owners physical trouble, but they are capable of causing psychological discomfort, since the appearance of the skin is significantly deformed.

In fact, you can reduce and even completely remove stretch marks, you can at home, but for this you need to have patience and willpower.

Most often appear stretch marks after childbirth orStrong fluctuations in weight. Knowing the reason for the appearance of striae, one can prevent their formation. So, if from the first months of pregnancy and until the very births daily moisturize the skin with cosmetic oils and nourishing creams, the probability of stretching the skin after the birth of the child will significantly decrease. The same can be advised to those who decided to lose a significant number of kilograms.

You can get rid of stretch marks yourself withUsing a mixture of essential oils. Good in this respect is the oil of cinnamon, rosemary, neroli, lemon, grapefruit. 2-3 drops of each of these oils should be added to a tablespoon of rosehip oil, then apply the mixture to problem areas and massage the skin lightly, leave until completely absorbed. It is advisable to carry out this procedure after a shower. The first results will be noticeable after 2-3 months of daily use. If strias are old, it may take longer.

A good remedy for stretch marks is a normal mummy. Take 1 gram of this remedy and dissolve it in a teaspoon of water, then combine it with the same amount of fat cream. This compound is applied to the skin after water procedures. Apply the cream with the mummy every day, the effect of it you see in a couple of months.

To remove stretch marks, do regularlySelf-massage with the skin soften with almond or peach oil. The movements in the massage process should be delicate, you can not pull and strongly pinch the skin, as this can lead to the opposite effect.

Cosmetic procedures will act moreEffectively, if you adhere to a special diet. So, in the diet should be a sufficient amount of protein foods, foods rich in vitamins A, E and Group B. In addition, you must observe the drinking regime, consuming at least 1 liter of water per day. Observing these simple rules, you can maintain the skin in perfect condition.

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