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How to remove stains from the couch

How to remove stains from the couch

Sofa - an integral part of the living room, he takes pride of place and gathers the whole family in the evenings.

After the holidays can be found on the upholstery stains from wine, coffee and other products.

Do not despair, because there are many simple ways to help you solve your problem and bring the furniture in the previous form.

You will need

  • - liquid soap-
  • - acetic
  • - ammiak-
  • - soap-
  • - Paper salfetki-
  • - tryapki-
  • - salt-
  • - hydrogen peroxide-
  • - methyl alcohol.



If your favorite sofa was accidentally spilledcoffee, this stain can be removed using liquid detergent, which may be soap or dishwashing detergent. Take a paper towel and dab the stain (do not rub from side to side), so that you remove the excess coffee. After that, soak a cloth in warm water and wring, apply a few drops of detergent and rub the stain until foaming. Clean cloth to remove the foam from the sofa and wait until completely dry. The spot should disappear.


The most important thing in removing stains - to startcleaning immediately, this is the key to success. Print spot on fruit juice is not difficult. To do this, prepare a mixture of vinegar and ammonia, mixed in equal proportions. Apply the product on the spot using a cotton pad and allow to fully dry, then rub the spot spots brush for clothes. The smell should fade over time, but if it is severely hinders you, you can rub the site of the former spots soapy water.


The most common types of stains on the softfurniture - from red wine, especially after the holidays. Take a paper towel or a towel and dab the stain. Liberally sprinkle with salt contamination occur, it gradually will incorporate the rest of the wine. It remains to clean the sofa with a brush or vacuum cleaner.


Get rid of blood stains on upholstered sofasYou will hydrogen peroxide, which is necessary to moisten a cotton pad or cloth and rub the dirt. That's all, the sofa again as new, no trace of blemishes.


If your sofa has been accidentally spilled wax, nottry to remove it immediately, wait until it cools down completely. Then carefully scrape off and pick up with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wait once the desired result on the couch still left spot. Cover it with blotting paper, put a clean cloth and iron with a hot iron. Then apply methyl alcohol on a cloth and dry.

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