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How to remove stains from carpet

Shed leaves coffee stains on the carpet

It can happen to anyone. A small cut, the road to the home medicine cabinet across the apartment and now flaunt a light carpet stains of blood, considered one of the most difficult in terms of breeding.

Inverted cup of coffee, overturned nail polish, which fell to the floor berry, you can argue which of the spots will be more difficult to bring.

But one thing is clear - all they need to display.

You will need

  • - Aspirin
  • - Carbonated mineral water
  • - sponge
  • - rag
  • - An old toothbrush
  • - a vacuum cleaner



Blood stains are left after the removal of unsightlydivorce, if allowed to dry out or subjected to improper treatment. The fresher the stain, the easier it will be to withdraw. Dissolve aspirin in mineral water with high content of gas. If the tablet is poorly soluble, it can be pre-pound powder. Pour the stain to give a solution, treat the stain with an old toothbrush. Allow to time to act. Take an absorbent cloth, its fluid begins to collect, moving from the edges spots to its center, so as not to smear the dirt more.


Coffee spots the carpet is easiest to remove with the help of a lemonjuice. Wet the stain with a mixture of juice with water, let the time to impact. Dissolve in warm water dishwashing detergent, zamoyte contamination using an absorbent sponge.


Stains from fruit and berries should be sprinkled with salt, while they are still fresh. dried spots can be softened by using milk and output them best manner described above, influence them carbonated water with dissolved aspirin.


But nail polish so easy its position notsurrender. To take it out of the carpet, it is necessary to resort to strong chemicals that can dissolve this substance. This can easily be done with acetone, purified gasoline or nail polish remover to the polish. Just check first, do not fret if the liquid used your carpet fibers. A small drop of polish on the carpet with high pile can be allowed to dry and just carefully cut off with scissors.

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