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How to remove SMS

How to remove the SMS banner

There is a kind of virus like the SMS banner.

It can block the entire computer system, including access to a safe mode. And it so happens that it is removed, and with it all the labels disappear and even the taskbar on the desktop.

Virus delivers a lot of problems such behavior.

How can you deal with it?

You will need

  • PC, the AVZ program flash drive



If you press the key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete, you'll see all the processes that occur on your system. It can detect the presence of malware SMS bannera. So you will find where is the whole process of the banner-extortionist.


You can use the Starter utility. The program will indicate the place of existence SMS bannerand in the system. To delete, restart your computer and set to work in safe mode. At boot time, press F8 and go into safe mode. Since the virus is not able to start.


Next, you are looking at the computer the place that pointed Starter utility. In this folder, delete it. Back to reboot the computer.


There are such SMS banners that can not be traced using the Starter tool. Then it is necessary to contact AVZ. Download this program. Next, write down on a disk or flash drive.


During power press F8 computer. Choose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." In the type «explorer». Press «enter».


Open the "My Computer" and run a USB flash drive or a CD with AVZ. Starts checking. The virus is completely removed. All works are performed in safe mode with administrator rights.


You can also take advantage of the official services of Kaspersky and DrWeb. To get the unlock code on the Kaspersky website, go to the address http://support.kaspersky.ru/viruses/deblocker.


Next, in the "Phone number or account 'typethe number to which the system asks to put money or send a message. Click on the button "Get the unlock code." The system will give you a code to unlock your computer.


On the site of Doctor Web, everything is similar. Visit the website http://www.drweb.com/unlocker/index. Further, in the field "Number" and "Text" enter data,which requires the system to send the message. Click on the button "Find the code". The system will give you the appropriate unlock code. You can also use the search by the image code. The following data entry has a slide show of pictures that display screens lock your computer. If there is a picture similar to yours, then press back. The system will unlock code.

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