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How to remove sealant

To not have to remove the sealant, act strictly according to instructions

Finishing work ? This final stage of repair. By decorating the room, you need to be very careful and attentive.

One drop of dried sealant can ruin the whole look.

Ways to remove the silicone sealant to the surface a bit.

This is due to the high adhesion composition, which greatly complicates its removal.



Essentially only two ways: mechanical and chemical.
Silicone sealant is adhered to the surfaceOnce and for all. If you just have not erased fresh blobs of silicone with ceramic tiles or enamelled bath, then removing it would be a very tedious task for you. Take stationery knife and carefully cut the silicone layer by layer. Trying to pull out the silicone is not necessary and try not otderete, and if you succeed, and then only with the base piece to which it is stuck. Remains erase wire wool or abrasive cleaners.


It often happens that when sealing joints notfollow the manufacturer recommendations. As a result, the sealant sometimes falls off. In this case it is necessary to remove all the sealant prior to applying a new, as the sealant to the sealant is glued only with difficulty. And germetizatsionny patched seam will not look aesthetically pleasing.


If you can not remove the sealant, theuse chemicals. Now, many firms produce sealant solvents. It Quilosa, lugat, CRC Gasket Remover, Penta-840, and many others. Most often, drug silicone remover is in the form of aerosol or paste.


Depending on the time of application of the solvent,or sealant can be easily removed or transformed into pulp, which is washed off. Be sure to check the reaction of the surface in an inconspicuous corner, because most of these substances dissolve not only the sealant and enamel, varnish and paint.


When spraying aerosol use toolsPersonal protection: mask and gloves. Use only in ventilated areas. Shake the bottle and apply a thick layer on the surface. There are sprays rather quickly, so after 20 minutes you can already remove the sealant, and remove the remnants of cloth or spatula. If you are not satisfied with the result? Repeat.

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