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How to remove scratches from the disk


How to remove scratches from the disk</a>

Despite the high strength of CDs and DVDsThe last generation, their protective coating remains extremely thin, so it is very difficult to protect discs from scratches. The least dangerous are those that are directed from the center of the disk to its edge.

Such transverse scratches on the process of reading the available information do not greatly affect.

Concerns are caused by scratches longitudinal, they cause more harm, even if they are insignificant in size.

You can try to remove those and other scratches yourself.

You will need

  • Polishing agent
  • - soft cloth
  • - accuracy and patience



Place the disc on its top side on a flat,Smooth and hard surface. If the surface is soft, then when you work, you can accidentally press the disc unnecessarily and it will crack. If the surface is not smooth, there is a danger of scratching the upper working layer of the disc, which is much thinner than the polycarbonate layer, from which you will remove the scratches.


Prepare the polishing compound. To do this, dilute the toothpaste with water or dilute the GOI paste into the white spirit. Polishing of the protective layer is ready. Make sure that the toothpaste is of a high quality, homogeneous consistency, so that large abrasive particles are not visible in it. Otherwise, you risk putting new scratches on the disc.


A piece of soft tissue (without pile!), Dip into the polishing compound and lightly motions directed perpendicular to the tracks (ie from the center of the disc to the edge and vice versa), polish the surface. Excessive efforts are useless, everything is done freely and smoothly.


If the result is not very pleasing, can you repeat the polishing process using a special tool? Polish to remove scratches from CD / DVD discs. The product is sold in computer stores.


Remove any residues of the polishing agent from the disc. To do this, gently rinse the disc with warm water (without soap and powder!). Allow it to dry completely and then polish again, this time with a dry, soft cloth.


Insert the disk into the drive and check. If the result is negative, you can repeat the process from the very beginning. Be patient and the disc will start. And then hurry up all of its contents, for the restoration of which you so aggressively fought, quickly move to another medium? Hard drive, flash drive, etc.

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