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How to remove scratches and chips


How to remove scratches and chips</a>

In the process of using the furniture, scratches and chips appear.

They can be superficial, when only the varnish layer is damaged, and deep - up to the wood foundation.

Such defects spoil not only the appearance of furniture, but also the mood.

You will need

  • - polish-
  • - soft cloth or felt-
  • - furniture marker-
  • - soft furniture wax-
  • - solid furniture wax-
  • - electric soldering iron-
  • - fine-grained sandpaper.



Small and thin scratches on the varnishRemove the surface with furniture polish. Take a soft cloth and apply a polish in the direction of the wood fibers. It will slightly dissolve the varnish and smooth the scratches. After a while, surface once again with a soft cloth until it shines.


Quickly repair small scratches and chips can be done with a furniture marker. Shake before use. Apply three coats. After five minutes, remove the excess with a wet swab.


Another way to mask a scratch: with the help of a wax paste. To do this, select the appropriate color and apply a soft tampon to the surface.


Let the wax paste harden, and thenPosition it to a uniform gloss. If the repair site is different from the base color, then treat the entire surface with a wax paste using a soft tampon.


Remove scratches and can be used with a soft furniture wax. Choose the color you want. Guide them through the damaged area and rub them well.


To remove the chip, cut a small pieceOf furniture wax and a small spatula rub it into the damaged area. Remove excessively with a knife. Take a clean rag or felt and polish this area well. To wax is not very prominent, tint it with a conventional felt-tip pen or marker.


To remove scratches and chips on the surface,Bearing medium and heavy load, use a solid furniture wax. It has good ductility, and is compatible with any kind of finishing coatings. Melt it with an electric soldering iron or gas lighter and rub it into a damaged area.


With a knife, remove the excess that protrudes above the surface. Repair the area with fine-grained sandpaper. Surface treated with furniture polish.

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