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How to remove scratches and chips

How to remove scratches and chips

During operation, the furniture gets scratched and chipped.

They may be superficial, when the damage is limited to the lacquer layer, and deep - up to a wood base.

Such defects spoil not only the appearance of the furniture, but also the mood.

You will need

  • - politura-
  • - Soft tissue or voylok-
  • - Furniture marker
  • - Soft furniture vosk-
  • - Solid furniture vosk-
  • - Electric payalnik-
  • - Fine-grained sandpaper.



Small and thin scratches on lacquerremove the surface of the furniture polish. Take a soft cloth and apply polish in the direction of arrangement of wood fibers. She gently dissolve varnish and smooth out the scratches. After some time, rub the surface again with a soft cloth to a shine.


Quickly seal the small scratches and chips, you can use the furniture marker. Shake before use. Apply three coats. After five minutes, remove the excess wet swab.


Another way to mask a scratch: with the help of paste wax. To do this, choose a suitable color and soft swab, apply to the surface.


Allow the wax to harden the paste, and thenraspoliruyte it to an even gloss. If the repair place different from the base color, then treat the entire surface of the car wax with a soft pad.


And can remove scratches with a soft wax furniture. Pick the color you want. Spend it on the damaged area and rub in well.


To remove a small piece of cut cleavagefurniture wax and a small spatula rub it into the damaged area. Carefully remove the excess with a knife. Take a clean cloth or felt and well polish this site. To wax is not much stood out, touch up his usual felt-tip pen or marker.


To remove scratches and chips on the surface,carrier medium and heavy load, use solid furniture wax. It has good ductility and is compatible with any type of finish coatings. Melt its electric soldering iron or a gas lighter and powertrowel in the damaged area.


With a knife, remove the excess, which is above the surface. repair sand the area with fine sandpaper. Treat the surfaces of furniture polish.

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