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How to remove red spots on the abdomen and flanks

How to remove red spots on the abdomen and flanks

Red spots on the body of a man delivering a lot of discomfort. First of all, it is itchy.

That it causes anxiety and discomfort. If the stains occurred due to an allergic reaction, its source should be removed.

From rashes can try to get rid of improvised means.

Dairy products in the fight against allergies

Red spots on the abdomen, flanks and other partsbody - a reason to visit the doctor. Especially if they were due to medication. If a strong itch alleviate their condition, you can use liquid cream, buttermilk or sour milk. Put any product on problem areas. After ten minutes, rinse with running water. Dry cloth and wipe the skin with a weak solution of boric acid. You should also take an antihistamine.

Remove spots on the abdomen, flanks and other partsthe body can also try using antiallergic baby cream. For example, the cream brand Kid. However, any soap, shower gel or other cleansing agent is contraindicated. These additional stimuli can aggravate allergies and, therefore, increase the skin rash.
If the stains were caused by allergicthe use of cosmetic products, the skin should be washed with plenty of clean water and grease with special ointment. Next, take an antihistamine. This ointment and other drugs to fight allergies must appoint a physician. Self-medication can lead to more trouble. The component may include antihistamines composition capable of causing an allergic reaction repeated. This will delay recovery.

Good habits will accelerate recovery

Accelerate the recovery process will help activeLifestyle. To do this, forget about transportation. Begin to use the bike. More you walk for long distances. You should also stay longer in the fresh air, plenty of sleep, eat right. Of great importance in the fight against any disease has a positive human spirit.

Red spots on the abdomen, flanks and other partsthe body can be bright red and occupy a large part of the skin, and can be almost imperceptible. At this affects the concentration and amount of ingested allergen.
During allergy treatment is contraindicatedvisit the hot baths, saunas. It does not take too hot tub. It is also necessary to exclude the use of alcohol in any form. It does not matter, it is present in the drug contraindications or not. On hot or cold days, as well as wind and rain the skin should be carefully conceal.

High therapeutic effect of corticosteroids have. It hydrocortisone and prednisone. Many doctors recommend their use in alleviating the symptoms of allergies.

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