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How to remove red banner

How to remove red banner

When you use the Internet, you can "infect" your PC with malware that will block a full and safe operation of your PC in the future.



The virus, which creates a red banner ondesktop is called "Trojan.Winlock". This malware requires a paid SMS message to unlock the operating system. The most important rule - do not send SMS, as it does not bring the desired result.


Check to see what features are available at the momenton your personal computer. With the help of "hot" keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete call the Task Manager. Click the drop-down list "File" and click "New Task (Run ...)." In the dialog box that appears, type "cmd.exe". Open operating system command prompt. Enter the following line:% systemroot% system32restorerstrui.exe and press "Enter" key. This operation will allow to start the function "System Restore."
Specify a point "rollback" and click "Next". After the restoration of the entire system scan with antivirus software.


Remove the red banner with the desktop, you canalso with the help of specialized, free software. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of anti-virus software, for example, Dr. Web (http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd) Or Kaspersky (http://www.kaspersky.ru/virusscanner). Download the utility and write it to a blank disc. Insert it in the drive of the infected computer and start Windows. Will automatically start scanning the system and removing viruses. Restart the computer. A red banner will be removed.


Support anti-virus labs, provides a set of combinations that allow you to remove the red banner. Visit the official website of Kaspersky (http://sms.kaspersky.ru/), Doctor Web (http://www.drweb.com/unlocker/index) Nod32 (http://www.esetnod32.ru/.support/winlock/). Copy the combination, which is indicated on the banner and get a code to unlock the system.
Then check Antivirus system.

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