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How to remove pimples on the nose

How to remove pimples on the nose

Skin problems are constantly spoil our mood. Everyone wants to have a flawless skin.

Remove acne from the nose is not too difficult, important to follow a few simple rules.

Then your skin will be beautiful and healthy.

You will need

  • Chamomile, mint, sage



First of all, we should pay attention toyour diet. It is necessary to exclude from the greasy, spicy and savory dishes, as well as chocolate and fat. Eat plant foods, such as fish, dairy products and meat. Also needed vitamins: take to eat more fruits and vegetables.


Important role plays an active lifestyle. Be sure to do exercises every morning. Several times a week visit the gym or go to the stadium. This will bring your body of unwanted toxins. Also, drink water as much as possible during the day, because it perfectly cleanses the body.


To delete acne with the nose, it is necessary every day, morning and eveningperform a number of procedures. Wash using the gel for washing in cold water. Several times a week to do mask. During the week, each day make steam facials. Make a decoction of herbs. Chamomile, mint and sage, all 1 tablespoon, fill with 3 liters of hot water and boil for a few minutes. Then clean it with broth face. After the procedure, pour the broth into a large container and stand over the steam, covering your head with a towel for 15 minutes.

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