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How to remove paint

How to remove paint

Any variety of paint are removed from the hardtissue, some because of its composition, the other due to the high content of pigment. But if a little try, you can get rid of even resistant paint, which has long been emblazoned on clothing.

The main thing is to remove stains without damaging the fabric fibers, or a thing can only be sent to the trash can, and in the best case - to carry home.



Enamel paint and lacquer on the basis deletedkerosene, petrol or white spirit. Acetone can also be used, but only the white solid material. Wet the stain with a solution, and after a while even rub a cloth soaked in the same matter. Then simply wash the clothes the usual method. The remaining pigment can be removed with stain remover.


paint with leather things easily remove fat cream andbetter child. Spread the skin or fat composition of conventional sunflower oil, and after a while, wipe with a clean cloth. Remove grease stains washing up liquid, then wipe clean with water. Use other means is not desirable, especially if the affected leather, it can be damaged by aggressive components.


Water-based paint can be removed from clothingsoapy water. Pour warm water into a bowl and add the detergent, soak the material for several hours. Then wash hand problem area. The dye is removed in a similar tool - stain remover. Do not use bleach for colored things, and white will be nothing from it, except that they will be a little whiter.


Gouache and watercolor paint properly clean anypowder. But put a slightly higher temperature and pre-stain faded manually. Dose detergent increase, or even better, add a little stain remover to the main wash compartment.


Other types of paints, including acrylic,remove things very difficult. To eliminate the use complex methods: petrol, stain remover, washing in a highly concentrated detergent. And then, there is no guarantee that you will be able to completely remove the stain insidious.

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