How to remove paint

How to remove paint</a>

Any kind of paint is hard to remove fromTissue, some because of its composition, others because of the large pigment content. But if you try a little, you can get rid of even a persistent paint, which has long been adorned with clothes.

The main thing, removing the stain, is not to spoil the fibers of the fabric, otherwise the thing can only be sent to the trash can, and at best - to wear at home.



Enamel paints and varnishes are removedKerosene, gasoline or white spirit. You can also use acetone, but only on white dense materials. Wet the stain with a solution, and after a while rub it with a cloth soaked in the same substance. Then just wash your clothes with the usual method. Remaining pigment can be removed with a stain remover.


Paint With leather things can easily be removed with fat cream, andIt is better for children. Spread the skin with a fatty compound or usual sunflower oil, and after a while wipe with a clean cloth. Remove the greasy stain with a dishwashing detergent, then wipe with clean water. To use other means is not desirable, especially if the natural skin has suffered, it can deteriorate from aggressive components.


Water-based paint can be removed from clothingSoapy water. Pour warm water into the basin and add detergent, soak the material for several hours. Then wash the problem area manually. The dye is removed by a similar agent - stain remover. Do not use bleach for colored things, and white from it will not be anything, except that they will become a little whiter.


Gouache and watercolor paint are washed by anyPowder. But put a little higher temperature, and stain the pre-wash manually. Dose detergent, or better, add a little stain remover to the main wash compartment.


Other types of paints, including acrylics,Remove from things very difficult. For elimination use complex methods: gasoline, stain remover, washing in highly concentrated detergent. And then, there are no guarantees that you can completely remove the insidious stain.

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