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How to remove the old driver


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Due to the conflicts of some programs, the hardware drivers sometimes stop working correctly.

In order to properly install a new, working driver, you must always remove the old driver.



Most often you have to remove non-workingDriver of the following devices: network card, sound card, video adapter, printer, etc. In order to remove the old driver, first of all, it is worth making sure that you have the latest version of the new driver for the equipment you need. If you downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment you need the current version of the driver, you can start deleting the old driver.


Virtually all actions in the family of Windows operating systems are duplicated, and you can achieve the result you need in several ways. Consider one of them.
Click on the icon "My Computer"? Right-click, and select? Properties ?. In the window that opens, select the "Hardware" tab. And go to? Device Manager ?. Before you is a list of all the devices running on your computer. If for some reason you could not get to the? Device Manager? In this way, you can do otherwise. Go to the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel", selecting the section with the equipment you need.


Now, by selecting a device whose driver,Needs to be replaced, right-click on it, in the opened window go to the tab "Properties", and click on the button "Delete". The system asks you to make sure that you really intend to remove the driver, you need to answer in the affirmative. After some time, the driver will be deleted and the system will notify you about it.


After the desired driver is deleted and the computer is rebooted, from the "Device Manager", in the "Hardware" section? You can install a new driver.

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