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How to remove odors from the washing machine

How to remove odors from the washing machine

As the operation of an automatic washingmachine parts of it begin to form deposits of various gelatinous and powder detergents, as well as dirt accumulates, which leads to the formation of mold.

As a result, to wash things become unpleasant smell. To resolve this issue, quite properly wash washing machine

You will need

  • - Detergent for automatic machines type-
  • - otbelivatel-
  • - 6% vinegar -
  • - Soft tissue.



To clean the drum machine from dirt,you need to establish a full regime of washing and maximum hot temperature. Before switching on, make sure that the car is not any one thing. the drum must be completely empty during cleaning procedures. Turn on the machine and wait until the drum starts to fill with water.


Pour two cups of vinegar 6% to the department,designed for washing powder. The vinegar will eliminate the musty smell in the washing machine. Leave the car until the end of a complete cycle, and then again expose the same program for the second phase of treatment. The next stage cleaning machine occurs by means of a bleach intended for such automatic machines. The cell powder should pour two cups of bleach and re-enable the full cycle stirki.T


The third washing cycle should take place without any detergent. Water alone will wash out the drum and remove the remains of vinegar and bleach.


When all three wash period is finished,must be removed for the separation of the powder and soak it in water for half an hour with diluted detergent, and then rinse thoroughly under running water and dry.


The final stage of cleaning is washed outthe rubber door seal. For washing it is necessary to dissolve a glass of bleach in three liters of hot water, then wash and wipe clean with a soft cloth seal.

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