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How to remove the microphone noise

Microphone Shure SM-58

When the recording is important to the quality of the microphone path.

Any unwanted noise when processing, mixing and mastering is required to "come out" in the mix and be heard perfectly, which will reduce the quality of the sound track and spoil the impression of listening to her.

You will need

  • Microphone, cable, computer with audio card software for noise reduction, noise reduction devices.



The noise in the room can cause the appearance ofunwanted noise and soundtrack. This is especially noticeable when using condenser microphones the general orientation or overstating the sensitivity of the microphone input. In the first case will have to properly muffle the room, covering his sound-absorbing surfaces, the second will be enough to lower the sensitivity of the microphone input.


If a homogeneous noise when recording microphonesignal caused by the equipment (computers, air conditioners) or poor soundproof rooms (especially at home recording) and fix it to the nearest recording is not possible, you can use the Neuss-gate, or digital noise reduction algorithm.


Neuss-gate - a device that interrupts the signal inIf it is below a predetermined level. Typically, the noise level is much lower than the desired signal. All sounds are noticeably quieter than the desired signal (sound from a guitar or a keyboard amp, drums and other power sources), as it were cut off when the gate. During the passage through the gate loud noise gate is turned off, but the noise is masked by the useful signal. The threshold level rebuilt manually. Thus it is possible to achieve in the absence of leakage noise recording.


When recording a quieter sound sources (vocals,acoustic guitar, violin and so on. p.), you can use one of the digital noise reduction algorithms. In the case of larger professional studios, these algorithms are implemented using expensive digital devices in the home as a studio, you can use an ordinary computer, and one way or another plugin for adaptive noise cancellation or noise reduction pattern. And he and the other algorithms are better able to adjust the noise reduction parameters and, as a rule, have the option to listen to the signal after the cleaning, and clipped noise. If the noise is removed from the phonogram leaking the useful signal, it is possible to change the settings.

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