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How to clean the mold in the apartment


How to clean the mold in the apartment</a>

A very common problem in apartments is mold, which is not so easy to get rid of.

The appearance of the fungus contributes to the destruction of not only the interior decoration of the apartment, but also the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

Mold is a sign of poor waterproofing of a dwelling, and you can get rid of it only by eradicating the problem.

You will need

  • -Air-drying dryer-
  • -Chloride powder-
  • -materials and tools for waterproofing floors and walls-
  • -mountain foam-
  • -liquid glass-
  • Cement mixture.



First, determine the causeMold. This can be as a flooded basement, and not working ventilation shaft. Be sure to check the riser - the pipes must be well insulated, otherwise they can form droplets of water. Pay attention to the joints of the walls, if the seams are badly sealed, then mold will appear.
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The fastest and most effective wayGet rid of mold in the apartment will be the treatment of walls with a water repellent of silicone or aluminum stearate. To perform this procedure, first drill a series of holes in the wall. Then use a pressure pump to inject a waterproofing solution into the holes. Continuous walls with a thickness of up to 225 mm should be drilled only on one side, if they are thicker than 225 mm or hollow, then the holes must be made from two sides.


Make floor waterproofing, cement the bottomRiser. Also it is worth warming the walls, the corners can be treated with a mounting foam. & Nbsp- Perform a quality fit and insulation of the windows, because the penetration of cold air & nbsp- is the cause of condensation and the smell of dampness. Do a waterproofing in the bathroom using a liquid glass, because most of the moisture is right there.

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