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How to remove mold in the apartment

How to remove mold in the apartment

Quite a frequent problem in the flats is the mold from which is not so easy to get rid of.

The emergence of the fungus contributes to the destruction of not only the inner decoration of an apartment, but also the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

Mould is a sign of poor sealing of premises, and get rid of it can only be eradicated the problem.

You will need

  • -vozduhoosushitel-
  • -hloristy powder kaltsiya-
  • -materials and tools for floor and wall waterproofing
  • -montazhnaya pena-
  • -liquid glass-
  • -tsementnaya mixture.



To start, determine the cause of themold. It can be both heat a little basement and is not working ventilation shaft. Be sure to check the riser - the pipe must be well insulated, otherwise they may be formed of water droplets. Pay attention to the joints of the walls, if poorly sealed joints, make sure the mold appears.
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The fastest and most efficient way toto get rid of mold in the apartment will be walls processing water repellent silicon or aluminum stearate. To perform this procedure, first drill a hole in the wall series. Then, using the pressure pump to inject holes waterproofing solution. Solid walls with a thickness of 225 mm to drill with only one hand, if they are thicker or hollow 225 mm, the holes must be done in two ways.


Make the floor waterproofing, cement the bottomriser. Also it is necessary to insulate the walls, the corners can be treated with the help of foam & nbsp- Perform quality fit and insulation of windows, because the cold air infiltration & nbsp- -. The cause of the smell of dampness and condensation. Spend waterproofing and bathroom with liquid glass, because most of the moisture is there.

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