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How to remove mold from the bathroom

How to remove mold from the bathroom

I'm sure many owners of their apartments are faced with such an unpleasant situation - like mold, especially in autumn, when it rains, and heating yet.

But the favorite habitat for mold and mildew is the bathroom, because in it there is the humidity, which is a favorite medium for the spores.

Not worth the time, and immediately proceed to combat this nuisance, because it affects the health of all households.

You will need

  • - respiratory
  • - latex gloves-
  • - protective glasses-
  • - Copper kuporos-
  • - otbelivatel-
  • - hlorka-
  • - antiseptiki-
  • - Roller or brush.



The first step is to determine the causemold on the walls and the ceiling in the bathroom. Then think over all measures to eliminate the moisture. Inspect all sanitary devices on serviceability, they do not leak, otherwise - repair or replace. Bathroom should be equipped with good ventilation, also do not forget about it airing after showering. It is advisable to install a special exhaust fan, which is available in every hardware store, the good choice is wide.


Before elimination of mold,you must prepare in advance to the surface and carry out the processing of all the bases. This will have to get rid of old coatings, mold, whether it's whitewashed or tiles. Now it is necessary and how to dry the walls. You can use any heating equipment or special construction hairdryer. During drying, try to refrain from taking a bath.


After the walls are uniformly dried up, it is possibleproceed to the removal of mold and remove mold on the walls in the bathroom. The main tool in the fight against mold - antiseptics (Finnish or German production). These chemical compounds have antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Widespread compositions wherein White alcohol used as diluent. Moldy place should be thoroughly cleaned and antiseptic process using a roller or brush.


There are also popular ways to deal withmold, which has been successfully used so far. To do this, use one of the following: copper sulphate, diluted according instruktsii- any bleach with a sharp and unpleasant odor, it can be an ordinary white (it should be applied in three coats) - & nbsp-strong bleach solution. It remains to whitewash the walls, painted or glued tile.

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