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How to remove mold from the bathroom


How to remove mold from the bathroom</a>

Surely many owners of their apartments face such an unpleasant situation - like mold, especially in the fall, when it rains, and there is still no heating.

But the most favorite place of dwelling of mold and fungus is the bathroom, because there is moisture in it, which is a favorite environment for the dispute.

Do not waste time, but immediately begin to combat this trouble, because it depends on the health of all household members.

You will need

  • - respirator-
  • - latex gloves-
  • - protective glasses-
  • - copper vitriol-
  • - bleach-
  • - chlorine-
  • - antiseptics-
  • - roller or brush.



The first step is to establish the causeFormation of mold on the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. Then consider all measures to eliminate high humidity. Examine all plumbing fixtures for service, they should not leak, otherwise - repair or replace. The bathroom should be equipped with good ventilation, in addition, do not forget about its ventilation after shower procedures. It is advisable to install a special exhaust fan, which can be purchased at every construction shop, since the choice is wide.


Before you begin to eliminate mold,It is necessary to prepare in advance the surface and carry out the treatment of all the bases. To do this, you have to get rid of the old coating, affected by mold, whether it's whitewashing or tiling. Now it is necessary and necessary to dry the walls. To do this, you can use any heating appliances or a special building hair dryer. During drying, try to refrain from taking a bath.


After the walls are evenly dried, you canStart to remove the fungus and eliminate mold on the walls in the bathroom. The main means in the fight against mold - antiseptics (Finnish or German production). These chemical compounds have antifungal and antimicrobial effects. Widespread use of white spirit as a diluent is widespread. The place affected by mold should be carefully cleaned and treated with an antiseptic agent with a roller or brush.


There are also popular ways to combatMold, which are successfully used so far. To do this, use one of the following means: copper sulphate, diluted according to the instructions, any bleach with a sharp and unpleasant odor, it can be ordinary whiteness (it needs to be applied in three layers) - a strong chlorine solution. It remains to whitewash the walls, paint or glue the tiles.

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