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How to remove microsoft office 2003


How to remove microsoft office 2003 </a>

Support for the Microsoft Office 2003 product was discontinued by Microsoft and so far no updates for it will be released.

This office software package is obsolete and can be removed from the system to install a newer version of Microsoft Office.

Uninstalling through the "Control Panel"

The initial removal of the software package canBe implemented through the Windows program uninstaller. To access it, go to the "Start" - "Control Panel". Among the suggested options, select "Uninstall Programs" ("Add or Remove Programs" in Windows XP) and wait for the list of installed applications to appear in the system. Right-click on the line with the name Microsoft Office 2003 and click "Delete". Confirm the product of the action and wait for the end of the operation, which on average can take no more than 10 minutes. If the programs of Microsoft Office 2003 are listed separately, delete each component specified in the menu (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook).

Problem solving

In some cases, programs from the Microsoft packageOffice 2003 can not be deleted automatically through the "Control Panel". To fix this, you need to download the Microsoft Fix it solution from the software company. Go to the Microsoft Fix It 50416 download page on the Microsoft website and click on the download link. After the download is complete, run the resulting executable file to apply the patch. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove Microsoft Office 2003 from your computer, and then restart the system.

It is worth noting that Microsoft Fix It does not remove additional Visio packages. Thus, after uninstalling Microsoft Office, you may need to uninstall Visio 2003 through the "Control Panel".

Manual deleting

If you can not remove the softwarePackage Microsoft Office 2003 the above methods, you can manually completely remove all the files of programs stored in the system. Go to "Explorer" by opening any folder on your computer. Enable the display of hidden files and folders in the system using the "Tools" - "Folder Options" menu at the top of the screen. This option can be activated in the "View" tab. To do this, uncheck "Hide extensions for registered file types" and click "OK".

To clear unused registry keys, you may need to install the CCleaner program, which will automatically clean up the remaining garbage after Office 2003 is uninstalled.

Go to the "Start" - "All Programs" menu -"Standard" - "Run" and click "Open". Type the Installer command and click OK. In the offered menu, find Microsoft Office 2003 and click on the item that appears with the right mouse button. Click "Delete" and wait until the end of the procedure. Then go back to the "Run" menu and enter the Services.msc query, and then click "Ok". In the "Services" section, turn off the Office Source Engine by clicking on the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate menu item. After that, go back to "Run" and type the query% CommonProgramFiles% Microsoft Shared and click "Ok". Delete the Office 11 and Source Engine folders. Then go to "Start" - "My Computer" - "Local Disk C:" - Program Files - Microsoft Office. Delete the Office 11 folder to complete the operation.

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