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How to remove linux operating system

How to remove linux operating system

The Linux operating system is not yet able to compete in popularity with Windows.

Many users install it only for the sake of curiosity and after a while again want to go back to the previous operating system.

Basically, the main reason for failure of Linux is some uncomfortable installing software. The desire to examine in more detail this process does not occur for many users.

The rest is easier to just set back the good old Windows.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - A bootable disk with the distribution Linux-
  • - Bootable disk of Windows.



Before you start the removal process, note thatthe operating system will be completely removed from your computer. There will also be deleted information from your hard drive. So, save important data beforehand. Subsequent steps will describe the process of removing the Linux and the Windows installation.


The first thing you should do - is to removeSwap partitions and Native. To do this, you can use the built-in program Fdisk. To boot your computer using the installation floppy disk or Linux. At the command prompt, type Fdisk then press Enter.


Now, for an explanation of each of thesection, enter «p» and press Enter. To delete the existing partition, enter «d» and press Enter again. After that there a window in which to request the removal section. To delete a section 1, respectively, type 1, etc. So remove all the sections of this operating system. Now at the command prompt, type «w» and press Enter. You will see the error information. Do not attach any importance to this. It is necessary to complete the work with the command line. To do this, enter the «q» and press Enter.


Insert the drive into the computer with the boot diskWindows operating system. If you install the operating system Windows 7, then wait until the first dialog box, and then select the "To create a section". Thus, create the desired number of partitions. Also, make their formatting. This can be done by selecting "Disc Setup" menu.


In Windows XP, before you create the partitions, you need to wait for uploading files and accept the License Agreement. The main thing to see to it that all the disk space has been involved.

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