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How to remove the linux operating system


How to remove the linux operating system</a>

The Linux operating system can not yet compete in popularity with Windows.

Many users install it only for the sake of curiosity and after a while again want to return to the old OS.

Basically, the main reason for not using Linux is some inconvenience in installing programs. The desire to study this process in more detail does not arise from many users.

The rest is easier to just install the old good Windows.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - boot disk with Linux-
  • - Bootable disk with Windows OS.



Before you begin the removal process, be aware thatThe operating system will be completely removed from your computer. Also information from your hard disk will be deleted. So, save the important data first. The following steps will describe the process of uninstalling Linux and installing Windows.


The first thing you should do is deleteSections Swap and Native. To do this, you can use the built-in Fdisk program. Use the installation diskette or Linux disk to boot the computer. At the command prompt, type Fdisk, and then press Enter.


Now for information on each of theEnter "p" and press Enter. To delete existing partitions, enter "d" and press Enter again. After that, a window will appear asking you to delete the partition. To delete partition 1, respectively, enter 1, etc. Therefore, delete all partitions of this operating system. Now, at the command prompt, type "w" and press Enter. Error information will appear. Do not attach importance to this. You must exit the command line. To do this, enter "q" and press Enter.


Insert a boot disk into the computer driveOperating system Windows. If you are installing the Windows 7 operating system, then wait for the first dialog box, and then select the "Create partition" function. In this way, create the desired number of partitions. Also make their formatting. This can be done by selecting the "Disk Setup" menu.


In Windows XP, before creating partitions, you need to wait for the files to be downloaded and accept the license agreement. The main thing is to ensure that all disk space is involved.

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