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How to remove highlighting shortcuts on the desktop

How to remove highlighting shortcuts on the desktop

Sometimes lights shortcuts on the desktop may be not necessary.

You can change this without the use of any specially designed programs or specialized skills.



Right-click on the free shortcuts area of ​​the desktop. Select "Properties". You open a new window with the parameters that relate to the desktop settings, screen resolution, the choice of wallpapers and screen savers, and here you will find the solution to the problem of backlight shortcuts. To do this, go to the tab "Desktop".


Click on "Customize Desktop" inwindow that opens, you will see all the possible settings, which you can do yourself to customize the appearance of your desktop. Open the "Web" tab. There you will see that you have a check mark in front of the action "Fix desktop items." Remove it, apply and save the changes.


You can also change shadows cast by icons,to do this, open "My Computer" and the free space on the icon, right-click. Click Properties. You will have a new window with several tabs - select the last one, it is called "Advanced". Select the "Options", which refers to the speed of the system. Remove the check mark from the "Drop Shadow icon on the desktop table".


Apply and save the changes. Perhaps you will be offered to restart the system for the new settings to take effect. This item desktop settings associated with effects that affect system performance. You can also use third-party applications to customize the appearance of the desktop and system. For example, XP Tweaker program that provides the user with advanced mode to customize the appearance of the operating system.


If you can not change the display optionWeb desktop items, then just change in the properties of the desktop base color - make it as close to the colors of wallpaper, and the allocation of shortcuts you will not be so noticeable.

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