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How to remove gum on pants

How to remove gum on pants

Often we find ourselves not in the most favorable circumstances and situations.

Of course, this is rarely depends on us, but it must somehow cope.

One of these uncomfortable situations is chewing gum, gripped the soft tissue favorite pants.

No matter where and how the collision occurred with this nuisance, but because it must somehow bring.

If there is bright unwillingness to even try -simply dispose of pants and look for something new to your wardrobe, but if you still want proprobovat, that is excellent, time-tested and society output, available to anyone.



Do not try to bring the gum directly with the help of chemistry. You risk to spoil the fabric, and the cud is not printed. It is important to remember that attempts to use the arsenal of detergent and sponges is still time.


Place Trouserand in the freezer. This is the easiest and most effective way. The bottom line is that the gum should be frozen, but since dry ice is rare to find lying around in the closet - it is easier to use the thing, available in every home.


Check your favorite thing from time to time and when the gum is strong enough to freeze, and pull out immediately, without giving a sticky substance chance thawed, gently scrape it with Trouser. Nozhechek or scissors for this should be fine, if it is a pity manicure.

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