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How to remove the cud on the trouser

How to remove the cud on the trouser</a>

Often we are not in the most convenient circumstances and situations.

Of course, this rarely depends on ourselves, but we have to cope with this somehow.

One of these inconvenient situations is the chewing gum, firmly clinging to the soft fabric of your favorite trousers.

It does not matter where and how the collision with this trouble occurred, but it must be somehow withdrawn.

If there is a strong reluctance to even try -Just throw out your trousers and look for something new for your wardrobe, but if you still want to try, then there is an excellent, time-tested and sociable outlet available to any person.



Do not try to remove the chewing gum immediately with the help of chemistry. You risk spoiling the fabric, and the chewing gum will not come out. It is important to remember that before the attempts to use the arsenal of detergents and sponges, there is still time.


Place TrousersAnd in the freezer. This is the simplest and most effective way. The bottom line is that the chewing gum needs to be frozen, but since dry ice can rarely be found lying around in the closet - it's easier to use the thing that is available in every home.


Check your favorite thing from time to time and, when the chewing gum sufficiently freezes, pull it out immediately, without giving the chance of a sticky substance to thaw, gently scrape it off Trousers. Knife or scissors for this are quite suitable, if you feel sorry for the manicure.

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