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How to remove grout


How to remove grout</a>

Grout allows you to protect the tile from excess moisture and damage.

To do this, special substances are added to its composition, which repeatedly strengthen strength and elasticity, which in the end, when it is necessary to remove the grout, becomes a real problem.



If you just started putting Grout, And she has not frozen, remove the excess immediatelyWith a spatula or a float. If the grout is old, hardened, remove it with an abrasive float. To remove excess cement grout used and special chemicals.


Take a special acid cleaner to remove cement residues. Dilute it in water, according to the instructions. Stir and apply it to the surface with a grout.


When the mortar comes into contact with the cement, a chemical reaction will begin in the form of foaming. After you finish, delete Grout A lot of water.


After removing the grout, apply a special impregnation to the treatment site, which prevents penetration of moisture, protects the tile and seams from staining and damage.


If the grout is epoxy, useExclusive use epoxy cleaner. Use it if more than two days have passed after laying the grout. If laid recently, it dried up still not strong enough, and it can be removed with a usual rag. After 24 hours, do not delete Grout Mechanically, in order to avoid spoilage, forced removal of the entire base.


Removal of grout with acid is best entrusted to an experienced master, since it is very difficult to independently perform this procedure without the risk of damage to the tile.

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