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How to remove grease stain from clothing


Many of us are faced with problems such as fatty stains.

How to remove it and it does not spoil a thing?

The reasons on which there are stains on clothes a lot. This may be a spot of oil on her blouse or a drop of lube on your favorite jacket.
Therefore, when in contact with fat clothes should immediately proceed to remove it. Fat has the properties of fast and "firmly" to soak into fabric.
Here are a few ways to save your favorite thing on the greasy stains.
How to prepare the tissue for treatment of oily stains
On the working surface should be to put a napkinor towel. On it lay clothes with greasy stain so that the stain appeared on top. Napkins wet spot, a little pushing it. Rub the pollution is not necessary, only more absorbed, and to wash it will be much harder.
This is followed to prepare any absorbent. This can be baby powder, talc, potato or corn starch, chalk or soda. Absorbent lightly press into stain and iron hot iron. Thereafter all leave 2-2.5 hours. Over time, the absorbent shake.
Immediate cleaning stains
On grease stain drip agent, which wash the dishes. Finger spots spread around the perimeter. Now left for 10 minutes and then washed in a washing machine.
You can use a mixture of baking soda and dishwashing detergent. The mixture should resemble the consistency of toothpaste. This mixture can be used several times.
Some housewives use vinegar. Water with vinegar mixed in equal proportions, and there soaked clothes for 10-15 minutes.

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