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How to remove a greasy stain from clothes



Many of us face such problems as fatty spots.

How do you remove them and do not spoil the thing?

The reasons for which there are spots on clothes are quite a lot. It can be a stain from vegetable oil on a blouse or a drop of engine oil on your favorite jacket.
Therefore, if you get on fat, you should immediately start removing it. Fat has properties quickly and "tightly" absorbed into the tissue.
Here are a few ways how to save a favorite thing from a greasy stain.
How to prepare the tissue for treatment from grease stains
On the work surface should put a napkinOr a towel. She is put on clothes with a greasy stain, so that the stain is on top. Wipe the stain with a napkin, pressing a little on it. To rub the contamination is not worth it, so it only absorbs even more, and it will be much more difficult to wash it.
Then, prepare any absorbent. This can be a baby powder, talc, potato or corn starch, soda or chalk. The absorbent should be slightly pressed into the stain and ironed with a hot iron. After this, leave everything for 2-2.5 hours. After a while, the absorbent should be shaken.
Direct stain cleaning
On the greasy stain, drip the product with which the dishes are washed. Finger spread all around the perimeter of the stain. Now leave for 10 minutes, and then wash in the washing machine.
You can use a mixture of soda and dishwashing detergent. The mixture should resemble the consistency of the toothpaste. This mixture can be used several times.
Some housewives use vinegar. Water with vinegar in equal proportions are mixed, and the clothes are soaked for 10-15 minutes.

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