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How to remove gray hair

How to remove gray hair

Gray hair are characteristic of older people, but they can also occur in young people.

The reasons for the appearance of the hair may be more, for example, a violation of protein synthesis in the body, the use of certain chemicals, shampoos rich in sulfur, stress, etc.

You can handle a number of ways with this problem.



One of the most common causes ofthe appearance of gray hair is stress. The constant psychological pressure currently experienced by many people, especially young people are often exposed to this, eg, at school, in a tense relationship with peers, etc. If you think that stress could be the cause of your gray hair, try to rest often, not to overwork at school or work, do not interfere and be as relaxed in conversation.


Numerous studies dermatologistsIt shows that the constant presence of dandruff can also be a cause of hair graying. Be sure to fight this problem, if you have it. Use special shampoos, antidandruff antifungals (e.g., "Soultz") or citric acid.


The cause of premature aging of the hair, andthe appearance of gray hair may be the wrong diet. An unbalanced diet can lead to a lack of nutrients required by the body, which in turn leads to aging not only hair, but also the whole organism. To resolve this problem, install and strictly adhere to proper diet.


Increase your intake of foods rich in iron,shortcoming is the substance most often is the cause of gray hair. Iron helps the body produce melanin, which, in particular, gives the hair the desired color. Iron can be found in foods such as spinach, lemon, mushrooms and seafood (especially crabs).


Regular and careful care of hair and skinhead is also very important. To prevent gray hair can use a variety of blends. For example, mix coconut oil and pumpkin pulp in equal proportions and apply this mixture on the hair for about an hour, then rinse with warm, running water. Perform this procedure on a regular basis, it will help avoid premature aging of the hair.


A good tool for hair care areCurry leaves. Tincture of hot water of the leaves can be used for direct application to the hair. Also, leaves can be consumed as food by adding them in various dishes. To care for the skin of the head, add a cup of black tea a tablespoon of salt. Apply this solution on your head and thoroughly massage the head, as in shampooing. Continue this process for 30 minutes, then wash your hair with warm water.

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