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How to remove fat in the lower abdomen

How to remove fat in the lower abdomen

The area of ​​the abdomen and thighs for many women is a matter of special concern, since due to the peculiarities of the female body structure is deposited on it the main reserves of fat.

Often, even in very slim women can be seen ugly crease loose, bulging below the navel, that you talk about mature women and those who have at least a little overweight.



However, this is not a reason to give up and surrender to thethe mercy of nature. Remove the fat in the lower abdomen, though difficult, but very real. Suffice it to persevere and make some effort. First, you need to reconsider your diet.


This does not mean that solvingfight the fat deposits in the abdomen, you need to immediately sit on a rigid diet or even stopped eating. It is important to remember that when a large deficit of calories coming metabolism slows to a crawl in an effort to save as much as with so much difficulty obtaining nutrients as possible. As a result, the effect is the opposite - after a long hard limit in the diet the body starts to recover from virtually every eaten apple. Therefore, the power must be balanced and complete, so that you can stick to the time, instead of 7-10 days per month.


In addition to a healthy diet needs regularexercises specifically on the bottom part of the abdominals. Trained muscles will look more dense and tightened, creating a strong corset around the problem area. Harness set of exercises is best under the guidance of a professional trainer who will be able to verify the correctness of their performance and determine the need for you the number of repetitions and approaches.


To remove fat from the abdomen are very effectiveExercise, combined with a special breathing heavy. Such techniques as the Bodyflex or oksisayz can help solve the problem of fat folds quite quickly and efficiently. In addition, they do not require large expenditures of time and good physical preparation, so deal with them are even completely untrained and very full of people who have the classic exercises are not available. But in all breathing techniques, there is one important requirement - the breath during a training session should be exactly as prescribed instruction, otherwise the result will not be. Therefore, it is worth spending the extra time specifically for the development of proper methods of performing breathing exercises.


For a better and speedy effect of diet andexercise is useful combined with massage problem area. Massage the abdomen is both health and beauty treatments. On the one hand it improves the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates flatulence and indigestion, on the other - effectively removes the fat by stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood circulation improvement. But trust this complex procedure should only be an experienced professional massage therapist so as not to harm their health.

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