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How to remove Dr. Web

How to remove Dr. Web

Doctor Web is one of the most popular antivirus, because it offers a high degree of protection of your computer from malware. But sometimes it becomes necessary to remove it.

Maybe you just want to go back to the old anti-virus program, or you need to reinstall.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Antivirus Doctor Web
  • - TuneUp Utilities program.



There are several ways to remove Dr.Web from your computer. Depending on the version, the first method of removal may not suit all. Click "Start". Then look for the line "All Programs." In the programs, respectively, of Dr.Web locate, and then select "Delete." Remove programs, following the prompts, "Master." After removal of Dr.Web sure to restart your computer.


The next way to remove - use thisoperating system the "Add or Remove Programs." Open the Control Panel and select the component. Depending on the operating system and the type of menu, it can be in different categories of the control panel. Next in the list of programs look for Dr.Web and select "Delete." Then reboot the computer.


If an error occurs during the removal andthe program is not deleted (and this can happen), you'll like this way. Download from the Internet the program TuneUp Utilities. You can find a free trial version. Install the program on your computer and start. After her first run you will have to wait until there is a system scan.


After that can be corrected in the detectedthe problem of the operating system by pressing "Correct". After completion of the optimization of the system and fix problems, you will be taken to the main menu. From the menu, select the tab "System Optimization", then - the function of "removing unnecessary programs." Scroll down and click on the Dr.Web program the right mouse button. Next, the pop-up menu, select "Delete."


Generally, removal is fullyautomatically, but sometimes you need to choose some options. If there is a window with a choice of removing the settings, then select the desired item. For example, you can delete or keep the program settings and other parameters.

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