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How to remove direct x

How to remove direct x

In order to play 3D games on the computer must be installed DirectX. Without it, the game simply will not work.

But sometimes you want to remove a component to reinstall it again.

Although in itself it does not require DirectX, but this need can be.

For example, you start the game, you get a message about the absence of DirectX.

But when you install a component, the program says that it is already installed and does not need to be updated.

You will need

  • - Computer with OS Windows-
  • - Uninstaller DirectX Eradicator-
  • - DirectX Happy Uninstall program.



The first method is suitable for the removal of DirectXowners of computers with Windows XP operating system. It will be a so-called Uninstall DirectX 10 or 11. The fact that the operating system formally neither 10 nor 11 is not especially supported. But, nevertheless, their complete network. And if you have downloaded and installed a DirectX on Windows XP and noticed that the game began to malfunction or does not run, then it must be removed.


DirectX is installed such as the commonprogram. Accordingly, and also it can be removed. Click "Start", then select "All Programs." Find the DirectX and select "Delete." If there is no uninstaller programs, then you will approach another way. Open the "Control Panel" and select the "Add or Remove Programs." Find where DirectX and remove it.


Using the following method can be completelyremove DirectX, regardless of the version and operating system. Download from the Internet a special uninstaller DirectX Eradicator. Setup does not require, in the downloaded archive. Unzip the file and open dxerad. This will bring up a warning that the removal of a component can lead to an unstable operating system. Click "Yes" in the box with caution. DirectX will be removed.


Another program, which can be usedto remove DirectX, called DirectX Happy Uninstall. Find it on the Internet and download. This program requires no installation. It will install and run. In the main menu, select Uninstall component. Then, in the right window and click on the Uninstall string. Wait until the process is complete. Agree to restart the computer. After rebooting DirectX will be completely deleted from the hard drive.

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