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How to remove the smell of cat urine from shoes


How to remove the smell of cat urine from shoes</a>

Many have ever faced such a nuisance - a favorite cat, or even a pet of friends, whom you went to visit, shamelessly marked your shoes. What to do?

Is it possible to wash the shoes and get rid of the smell or have to throw out the shoes?



First of all, you need to thoroughly wash your shoes. Ideally, any marked cat surface should be washed immediately. Hot on the trail is more likely to remove not only the smell, but also to break down the crystals of uric acid. You will be helped by laundry soap, alcohol, vodka or glycerin. Although in practice this is not always possible. As a rule, the owner discovers a surprise from the pet in a few hours.

How to remove a cat's smell


There are many folk remedies for thisMisfortune. For example, a freezing smell. Wash shoes are shipped to the freezer or kept all winter on the balcony. This method is very doubtful, because the smell seems to disappear, but if you suddenly have to walk in this shoe all day or put it on in hot weather, the cat's "scents" will reappear. The fact is that even in washed shoes, the remains of urine crystallize, and with the next hit of any moisture the smell again makes itself felt.

How to bring out a cat's smell


Use disinfectants,Containing chlorine is not worth it. Firstly, they can cause allergy, and secondly, there is no guarantee that chlorine will remove an unpleasant smell and not spoil the shoes. Much better for this purpose are hydrogen peroxide, iodine or potassium permanganate solution, which miraculously kills smells. You can use a solution of vinegar or lemon juice.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from the carpet


If the shoes are fabric, for example, sneakers, thenCan help out a few careful washing. But if the product is damaged from the skin, then be extremely careful with all of the above. Otherwise, the appearance of the shoes will suffer so much that it will still have to be thrown away.

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Perhaps the best solution in this case is to buyLiquidator of the smell of urine in the pet store. Wash your shoes, wipe with this product and dry. You can sprinkle and antigadinom that the cat henceforth was nepovadno. Only do not pour antigadin without preliminary treatment - there will be no effect. And hide your shoes and other things away from your pet.

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