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How to remove candles


How to remove candles</a>

The maintenance schedule of the car provides for after passing 10,000 kilometers to remove and check the condition of the spark plugs.

For owners of domestic cars, this procedure does not constitute any problems.

What can not be said about the owners of foreign cars, in which in order to get to the spark plugs, you need to disassemble half of the engine.

You will need

  • Candle key,
  • A brush with a hard pile,
  • compressor.



First, the hood rises, and high-voltage wires are removed from the candles.


Then, using a brush, they are cleaned of rubbishA recess in the cylinder head, in which the spark plugs are located. At the end of cleaning, the pit should be blown with compressed air to prevent particles of dust and sand from entering the engine cylinder.


Then alternately, the candle wrench unscrew old spark plugs from the cylinder head, and new candles are wrapped in their place.

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