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Where in windows 7 is the Startup folder

How to remove autorun total commander

How to remove autorun total commander

Startup - process on a computer, in which run all the programs that have a similar function and which is given permission to startup.

The program Total Commander - is no exception.

You will need

  • A computer program installed Total Commander.



Auto Backup you need to turn off whenever inprograms does not make sense, that is, when you do not run a particular program after starting the operating system. In the case of programs in the startup is not enough, the user's computer will run much faster. disable startup procedure may be different on different operating systems. On Windows 7, the first step is to go to the panel "Start" then "All Programs" and find the item "Standard". After that, you must find the command "Run". In case if you have installed Windows XP or Vista, you just need to go to the panel "Start" and already there choose "Run." In the window that appears, enter msconfig, and then execute it.


Once you open the configuration windowsystem, you need to find a tab "Startup" where you can turn off completely all the programs that you interfere. From this tab should be treated carefully and not to remove ticks from those programs, about which you know nothing. Otherwise, you may experience unexpected problems. After you remove all unnecessary startup you, including Total Commander, you must click "Apply" and OK.


It should be noted that the program may be unnecessaryIt is not only in the tab "Startup", and in "service". In case you have not found out unnecessary programs among the "Startup", most likely, you will find it is in this tab. It should be noted that it is best to immediately put a tick "Do not display Microsoft services." Otherwise, if you disable the standard services and the operating system itself, it is possible that the operating system will not work in the nicest way.


After you have made all the necessaryaction, press the OK button and then leaves a message, where you will be asked to restart your computer. If the output is carried out without a reboot, the changes will not take effect. Startup unnecessary programs will be disconnected only after the personal computer is restarted. In the event that all the programs have been disabled, including Total Commander, after rebooting the computer will turn on much faster. Through this disabling all unnecessary programs when the computer user will be able to reduce boot time and work with your computer.

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