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How to remove the air plug in the cooling system


Work to eliminate the airlock in the auto cooling system</a>

To fix the problem in the old car, it's enough just to put it nose up.

When working with modern cars, it is necessary to depressurize the cooling system by loosening the branch pipe on the radiator fuser fitting, ensuring the antifreeze outlet along with the air.

You will need

  • - partner-
  • - overpass-
  • - clean cloth-
  • - coolant-
  • - the key.



Air cork in the cooling system of "ironHorse "can cause many malfunctions, such as engine malfunction, drilling, overheating of assemblies, incorrect sensor readings, poor interior heating, thermostat failure and others. But before proceeding to eliminate this problem, it is necessary to exclude other, more serious reasons that could lead to the failure of the auto cooling system. We are talking about mechanical bends and clogging of the system itself, scrolling, deformation or breakage of the impeller on the shaft, a decrease in pump capacity, incomplete opening of the thermostat and others.


The process of removing the plug is largely dependent onCar make. On the branch pipe that leads to the stove, as a rule, there is a special threaded plug. If you start the engine with a slightly unscrewed plug, the air from the system will start to exit. But the whole problem is that it's hard to do on the old car. Therefore, you can try to remove the air plug through the highest point of the cooling system. To do this, the car must be installed on the flyover nose up and turn on the engine. After a while, the plug will come out through the radiator.


To achieve this effect when working withModern auto, it's not enough just to install it on the flyover nose up. It is necessary to disturb the sealing of the system. To do this, the outlet pipe on the radiator fuser fitting is loosened until the pourable antifreeze contains air bubbles.


You can go and another way: Remove the plastic screen from the engine, release the clamp and remove any tube from the heating of the throttle assembly. Unscrew the cap of the expansion tank, cover the neck with a clean cloth and blow so that the tosol is poured from the disconnected tube. The final step is to quickly put the tube on the union and tighten the clamp. After that, you can return the plastic screen.


You can try to remove the air capUniversal method: for this, the machine must be installed with the nose up, add coolant to the upper mark of the expansion tank, unscrew the screw on the radiator and turn on the stove in the cabin to maximum. One person should sit behind the wheel and periodically lightly gas, waiting for the hot air to come out of the stove. The second drain the liquid until it stops bubbling. Only after this, the missing volume of liquid can be added to the reservoir and the lid can be tightened.

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