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How to remove an air lock in the cooling system

work to eliminate air pockets in the cooling system of cars

To resolve the problem in the old car just enough to put his nose up.

When working with modern cars need to depressurize the cooling system by loosening the fitting on the stove fitting radiator antifreeze providing access along with air.

You will need

  • - naparnik-
  • - estakada-
  • - Clean cloth-
  • - coolant-
  • - Key.



Air pocket in the cooling system of the "ironhorse "can cause many faults, such as failure of the engine, bubbling, overheating of components, incorrect sensor readings, poor cabin heating, non-operation of the thermostat, and others. But before we begin to address this problem, it is necessary to rule out other, more serious causes that may lead to a failure of the cooling system of cars. It is a mechanical kinks and clogging the system, scrolling, deformation or breakage of the impeller on the shaft, reducing the productivity of the pump, partial opening of the thermostat, and others.


The process of removing the tube depends largely on thecar brand. At the nozzle, which leads to the stove, as a rule, there is a special screw plug. If you start the engine at a slightly otkruchennoy traffic, the air from the system will start to leave. But the problem is that it is difficult to do on the old car. So you can try to remove the airlock through the highest point of the cooling system. To do this, you need to install on the car rack nose up and turn on the engine. After some time, the cork will come out through the radiator.


To achieve this effect, when working withmodern car, not enough to simply install it on the pier nose up. It is also necessary to break the seal of the system. For this effluent pipe fitting on the radiator is weakened to the fuser until the pouring antifreeze will not contain air bubbles.


You can go the other way: remove the plastic engine shield, release the clamp and remove any tubing from the heating of the throttle assembly. Unscrew expansion tank cap, cover with a clean cloth and neck blow so disconnected from the tube poured antifreeze. The final stage quickly to put the handset on the socket and tighten the clamp. You can then return to the place of the plastic screen.


You can try to remove the airlockuniversal method: for this machine to install the nose up, top up coolant to the upper level of the surge tank, unscrew the screw on the radiator and turn on the stove in the cabin to the maximum. One person should get behind the wheel and step on the gas a little periodically, waiting for the hot air goes out of the oven. The second draining up until it stops bubbling. Only after that the tank can be topped up missing liquid volume and tighten the lid.

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