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How to remove all the snow in Minecraft

How to remove all the snow in Minecraft

Very fashionable and popular game! You create your own world.

This is a project. And in a network game to create their own world more interesting, because everything is unpredictable.

You can shoot, run around the world and shoot down the blocks to create the boom, ie dig mine tunnels, to build the farm, go to hunt, to fish. But often there are obstacles in the way.

For example, the snow.

What is the snow in Minecraft?

Under the snow in Minecraft perceived unsteadilyslim unit. It occurs in winter cold surface biome. Snow happens during the snowfall. Also, in the blocks, which went Snow Golem, provided that they are in a very cold biome.
If a player needs a snowball fight, then you can get snowshovel or rinse with water. The presence of snow away from a light source (as a furnace, flame, or lava lamps) says that the light melt it in a small radius. Snow in the house did not do. Snow can only get!
A layer of snow on the block will not hinder the germination of grass. Snow does not harm the planting. Falling blocks - sand and gravel - can "stand" in the snow, which creates the effect of "floating" block.
Snow changes the color of the sides of the texture of grass block from green to white.
2/16 height of snow block. If you install snow blocks on top of each other like slabs of different thickness can be achieved.
But sometimes it interferes with snow for a successful passing game.

How to remove snow in Minecraft?

There are several ways.
It is necessary to press the action button, then the snowpack can be destroyed even by hand. Thus, offset the snow from the surface of the other blocks.
You can install the snow blocks on top of each other. This way you will achieve different thickness of the snow cover.
The third.
It is necessary to press the / (slash), so you can entercommand in the console, then enter the word weather (ie weather), then a space, then the word rain (ie rain), more space, and one (this one second, because the input is in seconds).
If you are tired of the snow, choose a different version of the game. Starting with version 1.4.2, you can choose the weather itself. A version 1.8.1.voobsche no snow.
You can go to the other biomes and built there.
Installing the SGD player komands help remove the snow around him.

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