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How to remove acne without folk remedies

How to remove acne without folk remedies

Acne - a phenomenon quite unpleasant.

But can and should cope with them. The main thing - to find out the cause of acne.

And then out of the modern arsenal of means can select necessary and effective medication for the treatment of acne.



If you visited spots by virtue of the transitionalage - crepe. Most likely, not completely get rid of them succeed. But to reduce the number of acne, thereby improving its appearance, it is quite possible. The first thing you need to see a gynecologist, to pass the necessary examination and to hand over analyzes on hormones. After receiving the results, the doctor will prescribe a particular drug that regulates hormones. And acne that accompanies puberty, will disappear altogether or significantly reduced.


And what to do if you are far from being a teenager, andpimples appear from time to time? Notice when they pop up more often? Did you use any product that causes a similar skin reaction. Then you direct road to the allergist. He will advise on how to avoid this effect in the use of food.


Very often, pimples appear on the excessiveconsumption of carbohydrates (white bread, chocolate, cakes), and fatty foods. Limit yourself to these excesses. Thus, you not only improve the appearance of their skin, but also unnecessary reset 5-7 kg, without any special effort.

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Also, do not be amiss to take advantage of externalfacilities for the treatment of acne. Refer to the dermatologist. He will recommend a cream that will need to smear acne. Usually, this treatment lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time, the amount of eels is greatly reduced. Use the entire range of funds - medical cream, tonic, dries the skin and tightens pores, scrub to remove dead skin particles. Choose one thing that fits you for everyday use. And the rest, use 1 to 2 times a week for prevention of skin inflammation.

How to remove acne without the popular & lt-b & gt-tools & lt- / b & gt-


An excellent effect is produced on the trip to the beauticiancleaning of the face. Master eliminate acne, remove excess sebum, impose a cleansing mask. However, the effect to be noticeable, you need to do these procedures on a regular basis, 3-4 times per month.

How to remove acne without the popular & lt-b & gt-tools & lt- / b & gt-


By combining a number of ways - rightfood, consultation with a dermatologist and a salon facial cleansing - you quite quickly get rid of acne. The main thing - do not run your skin, do not squeeze pimples yourself, consult with your problem to the experts.

How to remove acne without the popular & lt-b & gt-tools & lt- / b & gt-

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