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How to remove acne quickly

How to remove acne quickly

The situation, when on the eve of a very important event, as luck would have the most prominent place "jumps out" spot, is familiar to many.

In this case, women were more fortunate - they may try to disguise it, but still the best way to delete it.

You will need

  • - Large mirror, preferably with a zoom function
  • - Paper napkins
  • - Alcohol or any other medical alcohol instead cosmetic preparation (calendula tincture, boric acid)
  • - zinc ointment
  • - Decoction of rosemary



Before facial cleansing procedure, it is necessary to properly prepare. Make a steam bath with herbs - succession, chamomile or calendula. Steam will soften the skin, the pores expand and remove acne soon it will be much easier than on the face or body that has not been exposed to high temperature processing.


After a steam bath drain face papercloth and try to determine at what stage of maturation is a pimple. If he bought a maroon tinge, it has a tapered shape and stands out clearly on his face - it is necessary to squeeze out. And squeeze together with the root, because otherwise, in its place will be another spot tomorrow.


Strongly do not push to leave no trace on the skin, ripe acneto easily squeezed out. The fact that it came out completely the root, will testify to the appearance of drops of blood on his shoes, and clean scarlet.


Treat the alcohol solution a place where there was a spot, to avoid wound infection.


If a pimple is not ripe - make a night of alcoholcompress, which is excellent, "pulls" the pus. To do this, wet alcohol (medical, 96%) cotton ball, dab on a spot and fix plaster. By morning, the inflammation decreased and the redness and swelling will disappear without a trace.


Delete acne help and ointments based on zinc - squeeze out a few drops of ointment on a finger, he generously grease spot and the inflamed area around it. Repeat 6-8 times a day.


To get rid of acne for a short time to help wipe the sore place rosemary broth - 1 tbsp. spoon dry grass with flowers, bathed in a half cup of boiling water.


Naturally, all these recipes - home "urgent" measures that can help in the event that acne appear on the body or face individually, in rare cases. If we are talking about permanent rashes on the skin, then a visit to the dermatologist - the most correct solution to the problem, because such acne may indicate liver and endocrine system disorders. In this case, you will be assigned a special treatment that will not only help remove acne quickly, but also regulate the imbalance in the body.

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