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How to remove a wart at the cosmetician

How to remove a wart at the cosmetician

Quite frustrating to watch your body growths as warts. They can occur at any age, at any time of the year and in the most unexpected places.

Dermatologists recommend not ignore this fact, and to remove formation.

Beauty provide disposal serviceswarts from the body. Do not dispose of their own disturbing growths on the skin, it is better to trust the person who will make it more efficient and almost painless. This operation is carried out in several ways.

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy - a technique in which to removewart, liquid nitrogen is applied. This type of cosmetic procedure is recognized as the most gentle. liquid nitrogen temperature -190oS. Under the influence of a cold the blood vessels become narrower, the blood flow slows down, stops the metabolism and tissue dies. Suffice it to act on the skin for 30 seconds to achieve the desired effect.
After the procedure, there is a slight swelling, andafter a couple of hours appears crust, which in a few days she will disappear and in its place will be a small pink spot. This method is good for the fact that there is no contact with blood, and therefore possible contamination of the surrounding tissue infection.

Liquid nitrogen has long been used as an analgesic, decongestant. The range of applications is quite extensive. Liquid nitrogen is treated with strong bruises, fractures.

laser therapy

Removing unsightly warts is carried outa laser. This operation does not require anesthesia, it is done in a few minutes and remove the wart once and for all. This technique is by far the most common and effective. Previously wart removed surgically. After that could be quite noticeable scars. Also, after such intervention the patient would need time for rehabilitation.
Remove neoplasms laser quickly availableand painlessly. Cost procedure will be different, depending on the size of the wart. Laser removal of unwanted growths on the body is held not only adults but also children. They are most often exposed to the appearance of warts, as this process is directly linked with a decrease in immunity.

If there was a violation of the technology laser wart removal, it can cause severe burns and the appearance of scars.

If you decide to get rid of warts, theshould first consult with a dermatologist. And only after this start looking for a beautician for surgery. How many people warts interfere feel confident, relaxed, and communicate with ease. So do not be afraid to remove them. After all, medicine has leaped forward, and those operations have become available to everyone, carried out quickly and painlessly.

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