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How to remove the virus Vkontakte

How to remove the virus Vkontakte

Periodically, users of social network "VKontakte" faced with the fact that when you log in to your account there is a message on locking page with a request to send a text message to a short number.

This is a manifestation of the virus, which can be removed by one of several methods.



The virus, limiting access to social network"VKontakte" often gets on the computer when downloading free apps, ostensibly simplify the work with the site. The resource administration never uses short codes to unlock the page, so in any case do not try to send a SMS message to your phone. So you only lose money, but access to the account will remain closed.


Click on the "My Computer" icon and click thedrive C. Enter in «vkontakte.exe» search box without quotes, then press Enter. If you find a file with the same name, they must be removed. Also try to search by name vk.exe, «VKontakte" and similar. Remove all the detected results.


Use antivirus software toremove the virus by automatic means, because it is often disguised under a different name. If you are unable to install on your computer volume and resource-intensive antivirus software, you can use the free utility, for example, with the help of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. They can be found on the Internet.


Edit the hosts file. If you have installed Windows XP operating system, go to the folder "My Computer" and enter in the address bar:% SYSTEMROOT% system32driversetchosts. For Windows 7 and Vista you need to use the directory% SYSTEMROOT% system32driversetc. Open the hosts file using the "Notepad" text editor.


Examine the contents of the file. Remove the string, including vkontakte.ru addresses, etc. vk.com Also, try to remove all the rows, leaving only one with the name localhost. After you save your changes, restart the computer and try to re-log in to your account on a social network "VKontakte".

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