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How to remove a virtual disk

How to remove a virtual disk

Removal from the register of the virtual disk to be used with your computer, can cause damage to the system and loss of data.

Before you delete a virtual disk,check and make sure that none of the iSCSI target does not require in their work to access it, no application uses this virtual disk and that all information safely stored.



Deleting a virtual disk from the console does not lead toremove his file. If the virtual disk that you want to delete more than you need, and the information that it contains on the need to save, you can delete the virtual disk (VHD) file from a computer manually. Also, if necessary, it is possible to simply turn off the virtual disk.


Deleting a virtual disk from the consoleiSCSI target software (Microsoft). Let's say you want to delete a virtual disk console iSCSI target software (Microsoft). To do this we need to go through the following stages:

Select the "Devices" The Microsoft iSCSI console tree.

In the results pane, right-click the virtual disk that you want to delete and select "Delete Virtual Disk".

click "Yes" to confirm the deletion.


To implement these tasks need your membership in the local group? Administrators ?.

To open a component of "the iSCSI Target Application", go to the "Start" menu and then go to "Administrative Tools".

Make a choice at the point of choice "End Microsoft iSCSI applications."


There is another way to open the component "program objective iSCSI»: for this you need to click "Start" button, select "Run" and enter iscsitarget.msc.


There are also other applications for removaldisks, such as Alcohol 120%, Nero. What use is up to you, but you must choose the program by means of which was created by a virtual disk that you want to delete.

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